This conference was created in 2016 by Elizabeth Dentlinger and Kim Huegerich in response to a growing, local interest in comprehensible input, a sense of responsibility to help those who need training in teaching with comprehensible input, and a desire to collaborate with other practicing CI teachers. After the summer of 2019 CIIA was adopted by Megan Fandel Vernon, Stacey Wigant and Melissa Evens Newell. Since then it has grown to include a team of individuals working to help and support teachers. Starting with #CIIA22 the team includes: Stacey Wigant, Jim Tripp, Emily Bochmann, Meg Fandel Vernon, Rebekah Hamblin Casiato, John Sifert, Christina Cortez, and Allison Wienhold. We’d love for you to join us at Comprehensible Iowa 2022!

“CI Iowa 2017 was even better than CI Iowa 2016. Nowhere will you find such enthusiasm, wonderful presenters and the unique opportunity to network with an incredible group of educators. In terms of conferences, CI Iowa cannot be matched for the quality of presenters and amazing wholesome energy. The thoughtfulness with which that Elizabeth and Kim bring to this conference makes it an extremely special event, not to be missed!  I have been teaching with CI for well over 15 years, but always am looking for new ideas to bring to my classroom. Impossible to narrow down the best session or most useful technique that I came home with after this one.  Don’t miss CI Iowa 2018… I know I won’t!
Virginia Hildebrandt, Spanish Teacher, Presenter, and Author, Minnesota
Make sure to sure to check out Virginia’s website, 1goodstory.net!

Can’t miss this one!

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What I really loved was the positivity of each and every attendee and presenter [of the Comprehensible Iowa Conference].  Everyone there wanted to share the magic and power of TPRS and CI teaching. There were a wide variety of experience levels, but each teacher was there to learn and grow from each other. It was even cooler that teachers from a variety of states around the midwest came as well. It was a true testament to the growing interest that teachers have in teaching with comprehensible input.”

To read more about this poster’s experience, check out her blog post Comprehensible Iowa Quotes.

Allison Wienhold, Spanish Teacher, Iowa

Everyone there wanted to share the magic and power of TPRS and CI